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Enlightened Souls



Enlightened Souls

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MISSION: Society of Enlightened Souls provides understanding into life's challenges through spiritual philosophy. 

PURPOSE: To advance spiritual healing and empowerment of those in need through education, arts and services.

VISION: Profound self-discovery and enlightenment for all people.

Angus -Master Teacher on the Other Side

"You're in life so there will always be lessons. Just realize those lessons are actually jewels...jewels that can help you all."

-Angus on the Other Side

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Thank you Vera for my session where I went to a past life as a drowning sailor, (about the 1500's!), and was able to stop the muscle spasms in my throat that were so disturbing to me, I had no clue that was the cause nor did I have any memory of that past life, but certain tendencies I have make more sense to me now. My brother said that's why I like to travel so much!


I've never felt so good  from any class  than I did coming away from your angel class. I 've  been suicidal  in my life  and for the first time, I feel like I'm not alone and that  everything that's happened was for a reason. Thank you Chrissy and Vera, for teaching me about my angels. I feel connected to them now and can't wait for the next class!


A big part of my life is dedicated to the Gnostic (Gnostic-Christian) teachings because it makes sense to me. Like a true Gnostic the spirit is always “searching” and at times when I’m at my “low” I search for comfort in knowing I have a blueprint and fulfilling my life’s journey… Although we’ve never officially met you two (Vera and Chrissy) remind me/us why we are here on earth. Please don’t stop, because I consider you as my now study group. 


The Stars

"Live it. Love it. Learn it."

-Angus on the Other Side

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793 S. Tracy Blvd. #136, Tracy CA 95376

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