Our Journey

Society of Enlightened Souls (SES) began when Vera had a vision about a place she called The Center, where people would come for spiritual classes and retreats to empower the soul.


She excitedly called her three best friends: Chrissy, Pamella, and Samira, who were immediately onboard and SES was born!

Vera is a Full-Trance Medium, channeling life-changing knowledge from The Other Side (TOS). While Chrissy was born with a great artistic gift for drawing. She uses that gift to depict, for all of us, what Vera sees when she’s on TOS. 

Vera’s other dear friend, Pamella has an amazing mind for organization, and she works in the background to help the nonprofit flow smoothly.

Samira is Vera’s personal assistant and a certified hypnotist with 15 years of experience who does regressions and helps teach classes.

Our goal is to share the wealth of knowledge for profound understanding that heals and empowers each individual on their own journey.
If you want to know more about Vera and Chrissy’s background visit SElovesU.com HERE

vera and I pic 3.jpg

Vera and Christina