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Our Journey

Our path to SES began as Vera and Chrissy discovered Angus (Vera’s Master Teacher) on the Other Side in 2004, through her God-given ability as a full-trance medium.


As Vera’s years of channeling Angus began, and Chrissy’s art to depict those teachings, so did the inspiration behind Vera’s vision to open a center where people can come for hypnosis/past life regressions. They knew firsthand how profoundly healing past life knowledge and this spiritual philosophy is, and wanted to give that to others, not only through one-on-one sessions but through retreats where people can come to find answers and heal from their lives.


For years they continued to research Angus’s spiritual teachings, amassing what is our goal to become an online library for people to access of videos, audio-recordings, writings and art, all for the understanding of our life challenges and depicting that healing path.


Finally the time has come to share that knowledge for profound understanding that heals and empowers through our non-profit...the Society of Enlightened Souls!


As we continue to work toward a building for our center and library, we hope you will join us here online to gain understanding of your soul’s journey and to love who you are!

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Vera and Christina

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