Our Journey

SES began with two best friends on an October evening in 2004. During a hypnosis session for pain relief, their amazing journey began on a path that would wind its way through healing, personal empowerment and guidance from the Other Side, most significantly from Angus -Vera's Master Teacher.

It was profound wisdom and from it, they found their purpose. Vera as a Full-Trance Medium, channeling life-changing knowledge from the Other Side; and Christina as a Spiritual Artist, depicting those concepts through spiritual artworks.

The vision of SES was born...to open a non-profit through which to share the wealth of knowledge for profound understanding that heals and empowers each individual on their own journey.


Our goal is to take this philosophy -everything we've learned that helped us and so many others, to reach so many more. It is enlightenment that helps heal the soul and love who you are!

Our Background 

Vera and Christina's background is that of ordained ministers, developing and teaching classes nationwide, inspirational lectures, counseling church members, meditations, prayers and spiritual research. Vera created and directed SBHTC (Sylvia Browne Hypnosis Training Center) and performed Hypnotherapy sessions and Past-Life Regressions nationwide and internationally. Christina drew Gnositc Chronicles, depicting spiritual philosophy and created spiritual art for four books by best-selling author. Sylvia Browne. 

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Vera and Christina

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