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Autumn is a time of harvest, giving honor to the earth and receiving grace.


We will receive blessings from our hard efforts in this life.

Our good deeds are rewarded after many trials and difficulties.


By giving love and homage to Mother and Father God, we will receive power and protection.

By showing honor and respect to ourselves, we are also giving love to God.

Plenty and abundance:

We use imagery to visualize our needs into reality.

We ask for enough and abundance to meet our needs and those of our loved ones.

Let go of sorrows and wounds:

From our hardships, we gain more spirituality.

We learn from our challenges and others learn from us.

We ask Mother and Father God to take away our suffering, giving us peace of mind, and to create miracles.


On the Other Side (Heaven), we have great respect.

On Earth we show God love by loving and accepting ourselves and others.

We ask God for a sense of freedom and steadfastness.


We want to be renewed and learn from our lessons.

Mother and Father God’s mercy, forgiveness, love, and compassion are always present.

We forgive ourselves, letting go of any unnecessary guilt.

We ask Mother and Father God for:

  • Protection from any darkness, fear, anxiety, negativity or injury.

  • Heal our minds, bodies, and souls from the adversities of life.

  • Keep us mentally, physically, and spiritually strong.

  • Free us from our burdens, worries, or doubts.

  • Turn any sadness or concerns into peace, consolation, and comfort.

  • Be our refuge creating miracles in our life.

  • Bless all of our undertakings so we can do all we are meant to do.

  • Give us patience, hope, knowledge and peace on our life path.

  • Give us consolation and ability to sustain our needs and necessities.

  • Give us strength, encouragement, and rejuvenation.

  • Give us courage, hope for the future and freedom from guilt or fear of the past.

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