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We all have courage to be here on Earth, because life can be hard. We may get angry, frustrated or discouraged and get worn down emotionally, physically and spiritually. In times of great stress, we’ll need extra grace and light to make it through. Grace is defined as “a special favor or virtue given to us by God”. There are many tests of courage, yet sometimes the hardest test of all is simply facing each day. With the strength of our own soul and Mother and Father God’s eternal presence, we will make it! We are never alone!

There are times when we have to make decisions facing life challenges for the Greater Good of ourselves and others - the strength of our soul sees us through! With our experiences, we can help others. Those in Heaven, the “Other Side”, are also learning from us and helping us at the same time. The Bible says, “Be strong, have courage!” Courage is defined as, “A quality of mind that enables one to encounter difficulties with firmness or without fear; bravery; true to self.” To encourage is defined as, “To inspire with courage or confidence, to hearten and to foster.” Our goal is to be strong within our self to live our life to our fullest potential without fear! Therefore we can help others giving them encouragement with love and truth to fulfill their life’s plan.

For perfect courage, know the pure truth,

And have a goal for the Greater Good outside of yourself.

The above statement is a personal truth I learned giving me the courage to quite smoking cigarettes. I had smoked for twelve years, but with this knowledge I made up my mind to quit and never have another cigarette. I was shocked how much mental pain I had buried all those years. I didn’t know if the tears would ever stop. I went for many short walks a day releasing stress. I learned from my pain and going within for strength. It’s not easy to accept the responsibility for our life, but our life is created by us. Before this life we knew life would be challenging, but we have the strength to fulfill our purpose! Please know: our soul is good; Father God’s love for us is perfect and unwavering; Mother God Azna can create miracles in our life; we have incarnated before; we plan our lives before birth; and we will go home to the Other Side, Heaven, after we have completed our purpose in this life to perfect our soul and to help others.

During challenging times, it is very important to receive emotional and spiritual support from other loving people along your way to protect you from negativity. Keep your mind positive to make it through the tough times. When it’s over, you’ll be very proud of yourself for having survived and even laugh about things. We can pray for intercession in our lives to stand firm for the greater good in our lives. We want our prayers to be specific and meaningful. While listening to others, we can give them encouragement and hope. Hope is defined as “trust in the truth of a matter”. We succeed in life just to survive it! Suffering is temporary. It is not selfish to love our self first. We must! Listen to yourself in all areas of life. Project yourself ahead in time to where you have joy!

Think about a place of refuge where you feel at peace.

Take three deep breaths.

Ask for Mother and Father God, Angels, and loving souls to attend you.

Surround yourself with a White Light of the Holy Spirit,

A Gold Light of the God Consciousness,

A Purple Light of spirituality and Father God,

A Silver Light of Higher Consciousness and Mother God

Talk to God and your own God-Center and ask:

For courage,

To be steadfast of will,

To release your fears and the judgment of yourself and others,

To increase your self-esteem

Say to yourself:

I am worthy,

I am strong,

I am living my life now.

I am living my life with dignity, purpose, and self-respect.

God loves me,

I love myself.

I am grateful for my life and my experiences.

I am ready to go forward and experience my life with joy in my heart.

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