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Happy Azna's Feast Day! December 8th

With Azna’s Feast Day on December 8th, we wanted to share an experience of Azna. It is from my personal experience!

Angus, a Master Teacher on the Other Side, through Trance with Vera, has validated that Azna is Mother God who is pure emotion and helps us on this emotional plane of Earth; whereas Father God Om is stationary, holding everything together, and is pure intellect.

Azna is the Great Interceptor and can intercede in our Life Chart. She is the one you can ask to help you with your worries and concerns like to protect your kids.

When we lived in a mountainous redwood forest, I remember asking Azna to protect my son, like when he would drive the mountain roads at night. One night, my son’s life had been miraculously saved! He was driving and fell asleep. Upon waking up injury free in his vehicle, it was discovered his car was bumper to bumper between a utility pole and a redwood tree on the edge of a ravine. We found out later that he and his vehicle were dematerialized and rematerialized by one of Azna’s Angels! The police had never seen anything like it. They were astonished that there was no damage to the car, pole or tree, and could not figure out how it happened.

Around that time, I had a dream of Azna in which I saw Her taller than all the redwood trees in the forest where we lived! She was so beautiful, and Her presence was so powerful.

It felt so validating that Azna was watching over me and hearing my prayers. I hope you enjoyed my story and Happy Azna’s Feast Day (December 8)!

Mary Simonds

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