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Meet Mary!

"Below is my beautiful mother, Mary Simonds! She will be writing Blog articles for us here at Society of Enlightened Souls. She is invaluable to us, not only as a bright, loving light in our lives, but also researching our spiritual philosophy from our many trances with Angus (on the Other Side) through Vera, at Souls Enlightenment! We hope you enjoy her experience, wisdom, and our philosophy, she will be sharing here in our Blog" - Chrissy💙🤗🙏💜

I was a volunteer minister and cardinal for the Society of Novus Spiritus and Sylvia Brown’s office for seventeen years. I provided a variety of services including speaking at church services, compiling the Journey of the Soul books, teaching classes and giving spiritual counseling.

Before those experiences I was a High School Home Economics teacher presenting all categories of the department. As a child I was raised on a very large farm in Missouri experiencing a simplified life without electricity and other modern conveniences, however the most valuable experiences of all were hard work and kindness!

I have had a long life with many experiences to express for which I am very grateful including my loving daughter Christina, my son Kirk and my friend Vera.

Bless you all!

Mary Simonds

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1 Comment

James A Clark Jr
James A Clark Jr
Oct 22, 2023

Hi Mary!

You have done a lot! I found Novus Spiritus back in 2000 after a break up with my first life partner in Michigan in a small city called Greenville. I was working at the Frigidaire factory located there! I coworker I knew walked up to me after about two weeks and she looked at me and said, James it is going to be ok. You will get over this! Then she handed me Sylvia Browne's book Adventures with a Psychic. I picked up the book, took it home and read it. Just a chapter at a time and it made perfect sense to me. I had always had a contact with Azna consciously since I was 5 year…

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