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This philosophy and past-life knowledge helps people take trauma or any hardships they've experienced in their life, and turn it into a strength. It's deeper than just treating surface symptoms. It's understanding that helps people release negativity which creates illness and despair, to gain joy and purpose.

We should know! We used these spiritual tools and philosophy in helping ourselves overcome Stage 4 breast cancer, and years of PTSD from trauma and abuse, to do exactly that...find joy and purpose! It is enlightenment which helps heal the soul. It's been helping so many people and we want to help so many more!

Your support can give others the opportunity to overcome their life challenges too through gaining understanding and enlightenment to help heal their soul and their life!

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Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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Support our sponsor Souls Enlightenment through their psychic-medium services and events, and spiritual art.

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