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Overcoming Difficult Times

We are in life to perfect our soul and to help others feel loved, empowered and supported especially during these difficult times. We chose to be here in life now as well as in other incarnations. When life is challenging it also speeds up our spiritual advancement. It is very valid to feel pride because we are very strong and have tested the mettle of our soul. Sometimes things get so difficult you often laugh about it later after it is over and you’ve learned that lesson. We learn from our experiences, and often it’s necessary to take time out to do something fun to rejuvenate. We want to feel accepted by others - acceptance of ourselves is most important! You are in control of your destiny so stand by your truth to live your life to the fullest!

Take a moment to feel illuminated and calm knowing you can survive anything, so do not absorb any negativity that you may face. You can change and create your future and get rid of things you do not want. Forgive yourself and rinse away guilt, fear and pain. Feel the dignity of your soul and sense a purpose in your life neutralizing any negativity. You are in control of your life being of sound mind, body and spirit. Feel Mother and Father God’s love, mercy, grace, protection and constancy.

We are here to bring spiritual truths as an example of God’s light and love. We wrote a plan for this life before we incarnated, and will go home to the Other Side or Heaven after we pass until we choose to come back into life again. We are examples of true spirituality helping others on a daily basis. Many times there is adversity in life especially on Earth, but focusing on survival decreases its impact upon us. Facing challenges makes us stronger. During difficult times, people ban together to help each other as seen during extreme conditions such as weather, accidents, health, or any type of situation. This is the time to help others. That is what we judge ourselves on when we go Home to the Other Side or Heaven. Know you are very strong and spiritual!

During these difficult times it is important to take care of yourself and people close to you. Giving a child praise and responsibility helps them to be in control of their life. In life we try our best not to make the same mistakes again, and it is also good to take a rest now and then. We want to be accepted by others, while it is most important to accept ourselves. We become what we activate towards. When we know ourselves and the truth within our heart, we bounce back faster regardless of what is going on around us. You have inner strength and will make it through by knowing yourself. You are in control of your destiny so stand by your truth. By our strength we are able to help others.

We will be able to handle change by flowing with life and using our inner strength to face our challenges. God is always with us!

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